RAM Mount 10" Tablet magneetbevestiging RAM-B-138U-339

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kogelgewricht arm magneet 10" tablet houder RAM-HOL-TAB-LGU ...Meer informatie

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Complete set voor 10"tablet montage met magneet base voor bevestiging op metalen ondergrond in auto, boot of op machines.  Met een draai aan de knop kan de kijkhoek aangepast worden. De tablet kan gemakkelijk uit de houder verwijderd worden. De complete mount kan verwijderd worden dankzij de magneet base.

Set bestaat uit:
1x RAM-B-101U 13 cm double socket met 2 RAM-B-202U-kogels
The RAM-B-101U, powder coated marine grade aluminum mount, consists of a double socket arm and two 2.5" diameter round bases with the universal AMPS hole pattern. Designed into the mount is a 1" diameter patented rubber ball and socket system with adjustment points at both socket ends of the arm. Rubber ball and socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. High quality materials insure your device is safe, secure, and within easy reach. RAM’s patented design also dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your device. For most applications, mount will support up to three pounds = 1,5KG.

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
Ball Size:
1" Rubber "B" Ball Size 
Total height 13 cm

1x RAM Mount RAM Triple Magnetic Base Adapter RAP-339U
One of the latest additions to the RAM product line is a new magnetic base. This simple adapter mates to your new or existing mount that has a RAM-B-202U base with ball. Once attached, you have a mount that will hold firm to ferrous metals like nothing else. Support any number of items without having to drill any holes to attach your mounting base. Simply put this product near the mounting surface and feel it almost jump out of your hand. Containing 3 rare earth magnets, you can imagine just how strongly this unique device is drawn to ferrous metals. The composite adapter designed to conceal the magnets is made of durable composite to prevent scratching the mounting surface. Ideally suited for many applications, you’re sure to find many ways to use your new magnetic mount at work, home, on the go, or at play.

1x RAM-HOL-TAB-LGU iPadhouder voor 10 inch tablets

Compatible Devices:
10" Tablets with LifeProof nüüd cases
10" Tablets with Lifedge cases
10" Tablets with Heavy duty cases (Griffin, Otterbox, Gumdrop etc)
Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 (With Lightning Connector)
Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1

Included With Purchase:
(1) Spring loaded back plate
(2) Support cups for thin tablets
(2) Support cups for wide tablets
Mounting hardware

The Tab-Tite™ cradle is compatible with any tablet that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your tablet with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.

Er zitten 2 verschillende houders (cradle) bij om de Tab-Tide geschikt te maken voor meerdere maten tablets.
Check vooral de maten van uw tablet met de onderstaande specificaties (gemeten in portrait stand).
Cradle 1 Dimensions:
Hoogte: 21,6 cm  minimum tot 27,3 cm maximum
Breedte: Maximum tot 19,7 cm
Dikte hoeken: Maximum tot 1,4 cm
Cradle 2 Dimensions (extra dikke cases):
Hoogte: 22,2 cm  minimum tot 27,3 cm maximum
Breedte: Maximum tot 21,0 cm
Dikte hoeken: Maximum tot 2,8 cm
1. Support cups contain open slots to accommodate for tablets of various sizes
2. Back plate can support various size support cups
3. Spring loaded tension provides secure support for your tablet
4. Spring loaded cradle allows for quick release of your tablet
5. Full access to all ports

High Strength Composite


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