RAM Mount Laptop Triple suction set truck

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Drie-voudige heavy-duty zuignap met laptoptray ...Meer informatie

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Laptop montage set geschikt voor zware toepassingen in vrachtwagens, autobussen, tractors en andere veeleisende omstandigheden. Drievoudige zuignap heeft composiet base plus 3x twistlock zuignap, zelfs op bolle en schuine ramen muurvast te zetten. De Toughtray RAM-234-3 heeft een verstelbare basis, veermechanisme, en vier instelbare klemmen om de laptop stevig in positie te houden. Inclusief verstelbare arm RAM-101U met 2 kogels met rubberen demping.

Let op dat deze set het zicht op de weg niet beperkt!

De set bestaat uit:

1x RAM Tough-Tray
The RAM Tough-Tray™ is spring loaded expandable tray that can accommodate 10 to 16 inch wide laptops. The tray includes four (4) side clamping arm with rubber grip feature. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally. This allows for a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. Hole patterns on perimeter of tray facilitate the mounting of additional RAM systems to support GPS, PDAs or other electronics.

Tough-Tray™ Dimensions:
Tray Depth: 10.0"
Tray Thickness: 2.125"
Tray Width (Expansion): 10" to 16"
Side Clamp Arm Height: 0.5" (min) to 1.75" (max)

1x RAM Triple suction RAP-365-224-1BU
Suction cups are one of the most convenient ways to mount portable electronics. RAM has a wide range of suction cups to choose from that have incredible holding power without an incredible price. Easy to afford and easy to use, we offer single, double, and now the RAM Triple suction cup base. This exceptional product allows the freedom to use and move your electronics like never before. Ideally suited to a wide range of agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses, RAM's new triple suction cup base makes it possible to mount your electronics for optimum access, viewing, and safety. You just found your single source provider of the most innovative line of suction cup products anywhere.

High Strength Composite

1x RAM-101U
Klemhouder C-kogel RAM-201U met twee C-Kogels RAM-202U. De totale lengte van dit flexibel tussenstuk is 18,7 cm.


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