RAM Mount Motor B-kogel M8 bevestigingset

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Complete RAM Mount montage set voor diverse RAM houders zoals Garmin, TomTom en Intelliskin Smartphone houders.

Set bestaat uit:
RAM-B-367U B-Kogel met M8 bouten
RAM-B-201U-A klemhouder kort (6 cm)
RAM-B-238U: wiebertje kogel

Naar keuze optie met midden (9 cm ) of lange klem (15 cm)

B-Kogel kan op motor aan handlebar bevestigd worden door een van de bestaande M8 bouten (25, 30 of 35 mm) te vervangen met de meegeleverde M8 bouten.

This 1” rubber ball base will replace an M8 by 25, 30, or 35mm handlebar bolt. To determine compatibility, measure the bolt diameter and add 30mm to the length. Screw the ball base onto the handlebar top clamp using one of the three included 1.25mm thread pitch bolts: M8 x 55mm, M8 x 60mm and M8 x 65mm.

Your motorcycle rides on rubber tires for grip and to soften the ride. Why should it be any different for your mounted electronics? With RAM's patented rubber ball and socket technology, the turn of a single knob grips the adjustment arm to a rubber ball designed to dampen shock and vibration. With RAM products, it's all grip and no slip plus protection for your valuable electronics. Simply place our easy to install ball base onto the motorcycle handlebar top clamp and you're done. After that, a world of mounting possibilities just opened up.

(1 QTY) 1" Rubber ball
(1 QTY) M8 x 55 bolt (1.25 thread pitch)
(1 QTY) M8 x 60 bolt (1.25 thread pitch)
(1 QTY) M8 x 65 bolt (1.25 thread pitch)

Attachment Point:
Motorcycle handlebar top clamp, any bike that uses an M8 threaded bolt.

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size


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