RAM Mount Toughtray RAM-234-3FL laptop- Rechte klemmen

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Verstelbaar, met vier rechte verstelbare klemmen. ...Meer informatie
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  • Artikelnummer:RAM-234-3FL
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Laptoptray met rechte klemmen die op hoogte en breedte ingesteld kunnen worden. De klep van de laptop kan zo ook gesloten worden. De laptoptray is uitgerust met sterke veer voor goede klemwerking. Ook geschikt voor dunnere laptops en Macbook.

The RAM Tough-Tray™ is spring loaded expandable tray that can accommodate 10 to 16 inch wide laptops. The tray includes four FLAT (4) side clamping arm; they allowing for your laptop to close completely while in the tray.. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally. This allows for a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. Hole patterns on perimeter of tray facilitate the mounting of additional RAM systems to support GPS, PDAs or other electronics.

Tough-Tray™ Dimensions:
Tray Depth: 10.0"
Tray Thickness: 2.125"
Tray Width (Expansion): 10" to 16" (min 253 mm, max 400 mm)
Side Clamp Arm Height: 0.5" (min) to 1.75" (max) (max 44 mm)

Montage instructies PDF

High Strength Composite


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