RAM Mount Universal Small Portable Printer Cradle

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Printer mount met klemhouder (lange klemmen) RAM-VPR-105 ...Meer informatie

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Klemhouder geschikt voor diverse printers (check maten en zie voorbeeld foto's)
Voor de montage op RAM systemen is een RAM-202U C-Kogel nodig (niet inbegrepen).

The new Quick Draw™ Jr. holders for small printers are a must have for companies utilizing these devices. The patent pending spring loaded design is universal and works with practically every popular printer in use today. With mounting kits that will accommodate a multitude of vehicles including Fork Lifts, Delivery Vans, Cars, Trucks, and more, choosing the right kit is simple. Whether you want the mount to the left or right of the operator/driver, attached to square stock or round, or any flat surface, you can be confident there is the perfect system for your project needs. Some kits offered come with the patented rubber ball and socket design. Not only does this dampen shock and vibration, but also lends itself to unmatched adjustability. Integrate this kit into your existing RAM system or combine it with any of our vehicle mounts.

The RAM Quick Draw™ Jr. holder uses a unique patent pending spring loaded mechanism that holds strong, yet provides easy removal for printer storage. At each end of the cradles are side clamping plates that are designed to fit cleanly around the edges of a printer.

Dimensions (RAM-VPR-105 Tall Side Clamps):
Min Width: 6.625"
Max Width: 11" (27,9 cm)
Height Clearance for Printer: 3.125" (7,9 cm)

Compatible Devices:
Brother - MW-100
Brother - MW-120
Brother - MW-140
Brother - MW-260
Zebra - QL 220
Zebra - QL 320
Zebra - QL 420 Plus
Zebra - RP4T
Printronix - M4L

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum


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