RAM Mount Keyboard beugel voor Tablets met Roto-View™

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Handige keyboard montage aan uw RAM tablet en tablethouder. De verstelbare buis wordt tussen de tablethouder en de RAM-B-238U kogel gemonteerd. Het toetsenbord kan dankzij de meegeleverde magneet Powerplate snel op de plaats vast gemaakt worden (en verwijderd) tablet is in portrait en landscape te gebruiken. Dit kan met elk Bluetooth klein formaat keyboard of met het RAM keyboard, apart te koop. De tablethouder (tab-tite of X-Grip) en bevestiging (diverse mogelijkheden) zijn niet inbegrepen.

RAM is pleased to offer the most simple and effective way to mount a keyboard with your iPad or tablet. Tablets are great for their ease of use and portability. One of the downfalls is the inability to efficiently enter data using the tablet touch screen. Now you can mount a Bluetooth keyboard cost effectively in conjunction with your RAM Tablet mounting solution, using this unique design. This simple design clamps an 8” tube between any RAM tablet cradle, and the Patent Pending Roto-View™ round adapter plate allows for adjustment to accommodate many tablet configurations, including use in both landscape and portrait mode. The 8” tube has a 1” ball on the end which connects to a standard RAM double socket arm and Magnetic Power Plate III for easy placement and removal of the keyboard. If you do not already own a keyboard, RAM offers a low cost Bluetooth keyboard as an option with the keyboard mounting system. Offering the widest range of tablet mounting solutions available worldwide, RAM now offers yet another revolutionary product in tablet mounting solutions.

1. Tablet use in both landscape and portrait mode
2. Round adapter plate contains multiple mounting hole patterns for all RAM tablet cradles
3. 8” tube can slide up or down against the Roto-View™ round adapter plate for optimal placement of keyboard
4. Magnetic Power Plate III allows for easy placement and removal of keyboard
5. Patented rubber ball and socket technology allows for multiple articulation points
6. Compatible with all 1"/1.5" bases/mounts with AMPS hole pattern or diamond hole pattern
7. Included rubber cap to seal tube and sharp edges
8. Lifetime warranty on all mounting components

Overall Length: 13.75"
Tube Length: 8"

High Strength Composite & Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Magneet toetsenbord bevestiging met tablet rotatieschijf


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